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Monday, September 14, 2009


Tonight’s the season premiere of TV’s greatest guilty pleasure: Gossip Girl. Don’t dismiss this as just your run of the mill tween drama; this is a show not to be missed! Yes, the characters are young, but the show magically transports the audience from our current recession-focused reality to the highest echelons of the beautifully young and beautifully rich of New York’s elite. Delicious!
Gossip Girl is full of drama and backstabbing that you couldn’t possibly dream up in your best revenge fantasy, so sit back and enjoy the delightfully wicked storylines. In addition to the glimpse into the world of the filthy rich, Gossip Girl not only has a pulse on current trends, the show actually starts many of the fads that trickle down to the masses. So tune in tonight at 9pm to get the first look at what we’ll all be wearing (or wishing we could wear) very soon!

X0X0, Valentino

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