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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Greetings World!

Greetings World! Valentino here.

It's been a busy, interesting week. My new person, Kristen, brought me to her apartment this Saturday. (We met before when she chose my out of all the litter! She said I was just so handsome!) Kristen's apartment is very interesting: there are many exciting nooks and crannies to explore and get stuck in. Luckily Kristen is there to help me if I can't find my way out.

I've heard many other dogs in our apartment building. I haven't seen any, but they sound a lot bigger than me. Once I'm big enough Kristen says I can meet them and go outside to something called a dog park.

At night she has me sleeping in something called a crate. I don't mind it so long as she puts the crate in her bedroom. The first night the crate was all the way in the living room; it was really scary being in the room by myself in that big, dark room. I like knowing that she's close by.

She also feeds my delicious treats when I do something she wants, like walk on a thing called a leash. It still seems a little strange, but I'll do almost anything for a peanut butter doggie treat.

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